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Meet Peter Opsvik, designer
of the Globe Concept

Peter Opsvik doesn’t sit still, and according to his perspective, neither should you. In a world that has become increasingly sedentary, we need to move more

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designed by Peter Opsvik.

Peter Opsvik is known for chairs such as Tripp Trapp, Capisco, the saddle chair, Variable, Nomi – and the eye-catching Garden. Peter Opsvik has attempted to overcome our stereotypical sitting habits with his unconventional seating solutions. His work shows how the norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken.
1972 Tripp trapp

Peter Opsvik’s objective was that one chair should seat persons of all sizes from approximately 8 months and up, in a natural way at the same table.

1972 Tripp trapp
1979 Variable

As the name “Variable” indicates, it is of primary importance that the chair inspires movement and variation and emphasises that the kneeling posture is one of many. The curved rail tilts the chair forward and backwards from the normal position.

1979 Variable
1984 Capisco

The inspiration for the “Saddle Chair” HÅG Capisco, was a horseback rider’s dynamic posture. The goal, however, was to create a sitting device or work chair that would invite the user to assume the greatest number of sitting postures. In order to achieve this, body support and freedom for movement is equally important.

1984 Capisco
1985 Garden

This piece of art shows how norms of “sitting nicely” and “sitting still” can be broken. People easily find numerous comfortable sitting postures. In the new version the branches of the tree continue down and become supporting roots.

The Globe Garden is not only an icon; it is an art object and eye-catcher. It also offers numerous comfortable sitting positions!

1985 Garden

Peter Opsvik has created products and objects at both ends of the spectrum of Scandinavian

Multipurpose chairs, reusable and renewable materials and timeless design are all together Peter Opsvik’s trademark. Peter designs furniture that lasts. Many of them have become icons.

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