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Globe Tree – Ocean Whisper

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Globe Tree – Ocean Whisper

Dive into the tranquility of ‘Ocean Whisper’ – our all-encompassing workspace solution that mirrors the serene and boundless sea. Featuring dual backrests, a comfortably rounded seat, along with a footboard and footrest, this edition of the Globe Tree encapsulates the essence of ergonomic luxury in a compact design. Equipped with two adaptable tabletops, it serves as a comprehensive, super-ergonomic workstation that brings the soothing rhythm of the ocean to your digital endeavors. ‘Ocean Whisper’ is not just a hue; it’s a mood, enhancing your home or office with the calming influence of the sea’s vast beauty.
Width89 cm
Seat height63 cm
Table platesØ 38 cm, Ø 28 cm
Table height85-90 cm
Packaging Width60 cm
Packaging Length85 cm
Package Weight16 kg

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